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Hosted PBX

Why is it a necessity for your business?

Business owners are switching to hosted PBX phone services in droves. The reason why everyone is so excited about hosted PBX phone systems is clear to see.In brief, hosted PBX telephone systems are cheaper, more reliable and more efficient than older telephone services. With those three advantages combined in one system, it is no wonder that hosted PBX services are growing so rapidly in popularity.

What is a hosted PBX? 

You may probably be wondering what a hosted PBX is. Well, a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system that connects over an IP network. Hosted PBX is a phone system, which connects with VoIP telephony functions, minus the on-site hardware. It is a more budget-friendly method because it spares companies a substantial initial investment of setting up the switchboards and connecting every line to clunky hardware.

Hosted PBX and small, medium, and large businesses. 

Small businesses. 

Small businesses usually have limited resources. Yet, the need to impress and service consumers is just as important, as in large enterprises. Hosted PBX allows small businesses to be more professional (call forwarding menus, automated answers, and other services) without incurring exorbitant investments in infrastructure. Therefore, hosted PBX are an excellent option for small businesses.

Medium businesses. 

Medium size businesses can benefit from hosted PBX if they have offices in different cities. Top company broadband providers offer hosted PBX services that let medium businesses to maintain a coherent telephone connectivity through the spread of extensions across the country. When looking into a provider, take a note of how many network stations they have in your area, or regionally. This is important so that your connectivity isn’t affected by weak signals across their hosted sites.

Large enterprises. 

Large businesses have the capital to invest in their own PBX. Many choose hosted PBX because of the many advantages that come with it. First, an in-house infrastructure demands an in-house IT team to take care of it. Second, an in-house PBX demands a lot of tinkering every time an employee is added or removed from the network. In contrast, in a hosted PBX, a telephone call can do the job just as effectively. Third, there are many advanced features, such as call monitoring and call filtering, which are often only available in hosted PBX.

Business managers are choosing hosted PBX more and more these days, but why? 

Well, for starters it's less expensive, especially for a large business corporation.

1. You only need one hosted PBX phone system.  

With traditional land-line phones, a business with office locations all around the globe would have to purchase phone system servers, software, and hardware for every business location. Anyone in business management knows that phone systems are not cheap! A PBX is what routes every phone call.

With hosted PBX your business doesn't even have to purchase a phone system server for any of your business locations. How? Because hosted PBX means that your phone service provider "hosts" or keeps up and manages your phone system server as part of their phone and PBX services. The hosted PBX provider buys the phone system server on your behalf, and all your business locations share that same hosted PBX phone system via the internet.

2. Phone calls within the company have no costs.  

Since every business office location is tapped into your one business hosted PBX phone system and phone services they can call each other through that system as if they were in the same business office building. So calling your corresponding business offices would be making a phone call within the business directory, just by dialing an extension as though they were on the third floor up to your business office building on the same land-line phone services.

This hosted PBX feature is especially beneficial when calling internationally. Same situation as above, only calling to your international business locations by dialing an extension and reaching them on the phone as if they were on the next floor.

3. Fax mail features save time and heighten security. 

One feature available with most hosted PBX providers is fax mail. Businesses still use fax mail because its confidentiality and security are better for sending sensitive business information. Rather than having faxed paperwork sitting on the fax machine, a hosted PBX fax mail is still faxed using a fax number, but it is received as fax mail- easily accessible like an email, but more secure and confidential than an email because it's sent as fax mail, through the hosted PBX system.

How does this save time? Have you ever waited in a line to use a fax or for a fax to come through? Now you can send a fax from your computer or digital device via hosted PBX, just like making a phone call over the internet (VoIP), but sending a fax over the internet. A hosted PBX fax mail feature saves time and money.

4. VoIP Voicemail Feature via Hosted PBX. 

Rather than the old "answering-machine" form of getting voicemail, because hosted PBX uses VoIP  and the Internet, voicemail can be received like email. Managing hosted PBX voicemail is much easier and saves time. Also, your hosted PBX voicemail is easy to get to from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, meaning you can use your smartphone, home computer, etc. This brings us to another advantage of using hosted PBX.

5. Hosted PBX increases the mobility of a business. 

Since your hosted PBX business phone system is accessible via the internet, your employees can take calls on-the-road. Anywhere that a company employee can access the internet, they can access your hosted PBX business phone system to make phone calls, get voicemail, and so on. Communication within your business and with customers increases drastically with hosted PBX.

For a business to grow today, a company will need to make sure they have an efficient, effective, and economical hosted PBX in place. Take the time to research and find the most reputable hosted PBX provider. The success of your business depends on it!

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